How to Choose the Right Countertop – Solid Surface Vs. Quartz

Solid surface and quartz are two of the most popular countertops on the market.  Each of these materials can update the look and feel of the home.  While solid surface usually has a matte, softer look. Quartz is usually a smooth, a more polished surface.  There are several differences in the construction, look, and feel of these countertop materials to consider when choosing a best option for your home.  No matter which you prefer, you’ll find that each brings a sense of sophistication and elegance to your space.

Quartz Top

Solid surface is comprised of about 33 percent resin and 66 percent natural minerals.  This material features comparable cost and almost invisible seams.  Brands of solid surface countertops include Corian and Formica.  The benefits of solid surface are extensive.  This bathroom vanity countertop material returns incredible resale value, it is resistant to heat, and very functional for use in the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

The beauty of solid surface is that it resembles quartz.  It can be difficult to distinguish between the two materials.  The main appeal of solid surface countertops is the ease of fabrication.  An upgrade from laminate countertops, this material mimics stone and gives your home a classic and upgraded feel.

Quartz is similar in aesthetics to solid surface.  However, this countertop material has a glossier or polished look.  Quartz is comprised of about 10 percent resin and 90 percent stone-like materials.  This countertop is scratch-resistant and features comparable maintenance.

Quartz Top

While solid surface and quartz look similar, when you take the time to really look at both materials, the differences become apparent.  Quartz is a newer material containing both natural and manmade materials.  While quartz isn’t considered a premium natural stone, it is a high-end countertop product.

Solid Surface Top

Features on quartz countertops include high heat resistance, scratch resistance, covered seams that are not highly visible, no sealing required, and much more.

Solid surface and quartz countertops have a similar price comparison.  These materials have a stone-like look and feel.  Solid surface lends more to a contemporary style.  It can be manipulated by hand into a curvy, flowing shape to create a unique look for any space.

Solid Surface Top

Both solid surface and quartz can update the look and feel of your home.  These materials are easy to maintain and create a visual appeal with the unique pattern in each stone.  Transform your kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous new countertops.

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