Materials Used in Bathroom Vanities

Designing a home bathroom requires the perfect blend of function and fashion.  Durability is one feature that cannot be overlooked.  At James Martin Furniture, we offer a plethora of bathroom vanity fixtures and hardware that are tough to last the ages.  To see our bathroom collections and the hardware to complete your look, visit our showroom in the Dallas Design District.

Whether you’re completing a bathroom renovation or designing a new build bathroom, James Martin Vanities offers diverse collections to meet your needs with precision and style.  From the bathroom faucets and grab rails to the mirror and basins, and, of course, the vanity, you can complete your bathroom design with a James Martin Vanities series.

The first step in creating the bathroom of your dreams is to determine your style.  Choose between a traditional bathroom vanity that is manufactured from wood or modern technical glass, stainless steel, and even fashionable stone.  The options are endless.

Stone James Martin Vanities: The timeless look of granite and marble are popular in North Texas.  If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, stones feature both fortitude and aesthetics.  Benefits of choosing marble or granite include ease of cleaning, a timeless look, and durability.  Other stones include travertine and onyx.  These vanity tops withstand the demands of your household and give a classic look to your bathroom design.

Wood Bathroom Vanities: Whether you want a traditional or modern look for your bathroom space, wood is the most resourceful material.  Choose from cheery, mahogany, and oak to give your space a more traditional, transitional, or modern look.  Among the mahogany wood, the colors range from a lighter red tone to a reddish brown.  This wood is among the lowest priced wood available.  Cherry wood is perfect for carving handcrafted details.

All of the vanities from James Martin Vanities that are manufactured from wood are sealed to protect the wood from water damage and last for a many years to come.  The wood used for different vanity collections pays homage to a specific style.  From Victorian appearance to mid-century modern to traditional design, the wood used and the stain applied makes a difference in the appearance and style of your bathroom vanity.

From hand carved detailing of the traditional bathroom vanity to the sleek lines and natural look of the mid-century modern vanities, the wood chosen for each sets the foundation for the design.  To accent each vanity, hardware is essential.  Hardware finish accentuates the style of the bathroom and creates a clean and complete look.

Glass and Steel Bathroom Vanities: Take a step into ultra-modern design with glass.  James Martin Vanities offers wall mount options for numerous collections to create a sleek, modern design.  With lucid glass bowls and iced glass vanities, the addition of glass to your bathroom instantly brings a modern flair to your space.

Consider the different types of materials available for your bathroom vanity and how each material lends itself to a specific design.  From traditional cherry wood to modern glass, there are plenty of options at James Martin Vanities.

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