Using a White Vanity to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

When renovating a home, many times the bathroom gets pushed to the backburner to handle other projects, such as the kitchen and the first impression rooms.  However, the bathroom is an incredibly important room in the home.  The place for grooming and hygiene deserves special attention.  But when the bathroom is already small and feels cramped, the daunting task of reconfiguring or updating can be overwhelming.

The bathroom space in your home might not be the first room guests see when they visit, but it is the room that leaves one of the most important impressions.  Make sure your bathroom space is ready for guests with some simple and cost-effective updates.

If you have a small bathroom space, but don’t have the budget for a huge renovation, here are some cheap tricks to give the illusion of a larger space.

Bel Air 59″ Double Vanity

Paint your space in a light color.  Light colors make any room look bigger.  And when you have a small space you wish was bigger, finding a light paint color can do wonders.  Add some crown molding to give an even more updated look.

Next, update your hardware and fixtures.  Having the right bathroom lighting can make the world of a difference.  Update your light fixture to allow for plenty of light to highlight your light walls and the mirror.

The mirror is key in making your bathroom space seem larger.  The reflection gives the illusion of a larger space.  So don’t just settle for one mirror above the vanity.  Venture out and find creative ways to use mirrors in your décor.

These are all small changes that can make a big difference.  But among the most important aspect of updating and giving an enlarged feel to your bathroom space is updating your bathroom vanity.

Remember how light walls make your space feel bigger?  Update your bathroom vanity to a white or wall-mounted vanity.  Losing the legs and exposing more wall under the vanity will play into the large space illusion. The Metropolitan collection can be wall-mounted for a more modern feel.  When you are updating a small bathroom space, this collection is sleek and simple.  Clean lines and ample storage are featured in this collection to enhance your bathroom.

New Brittany 30" Single Vanity

If a wall-mount isn’t your style, consider the Bel Air and Beverly.  The Beverly cabinet has white lacquer finished drawer and white solid surface countertop with integrated sinks. Giving clean and simple a new meaning, this collection is incredibly crisp and magnifies the look of your bathroom.

The petite 19-inch Bel Air features a solid surface top and sink with an integrated shelf for storage of small items. The lower shelf is also crafted from solid surface material for the ultimate in low maintenance cleaning.  This vanity is perfect for a small space that needs a small vanity option without losing charm, class, or clean lines.

Find a crisp and clean vanity to transform your small space into an inviting bathroom space.

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